The Shimaren are a species of vampiric humans possessing supernatural powers.


Being vampiric, the Shimaren do not require any nutrition other than blood, and any attempt to ingest something more than a very small sip of any liquid other than blood will invariably result in violent regurgitation.

Shimaren, or at least the blood, do need sleep, as evidenced by Itzak's experiments with the time-dilation effects of teleportation. Shimaren fall into rigor mortis before the sun rises, although not all go under at the same time.

There are three ways to incapacitate a Shimare, and only one way to permanently destroy one. If enough damage is inflicted to vital organs the Shimare will shut down and undergo healing, resulting in several hours of inactivity unless the Shimare has the ability to heal at will. Draining a Shimare of its blood will also incapacitate it, but this can be reversed by donating blood. The only ways to eradicate a Shimare are to destroy it with fire, decapitation or decoronation (if it's a newborn or fledgling), or, if you can find their resting place, exposure to sunlight. As shown by Lydian, exposure to fire can be reversed with the blood of an Incipient (the progenitor of a bloodline) if the blood can be reached in time (about 20 minutes), but it is not known if the victim has to be of the same bloodline as the Incipient's blood.

Shimare are typically very pale compared to their mortal selves, even those of African descent.

Shimaren are created when a mortal drinks the blood of a Shimare, after which the mortal undergoes a transformative process usually lasting several days. At the beginning, the process has no adverse effects. However, after 2 or so days, the future fledgling undergoes a period of extreme pain as the parasitic blood transforms the stomach into a receptacle capable of moving blood into the bloodstream. After this, the human dies, and remains that way for the last few days until they regain consciousness as a newborn Shimare.

History (Minor spoilers)Edit

The Shimaren were created around 8,400 years ago by a god of an unnamed tribe, by means of Bloodstones (Shilunari in Shimari), which were originally only intended to increase the abilities of the wielder. Exposure to rain revealed a more sinister side of the stones, as any who drank the blood that dripped from the stone turned into an Incipient, the progenitors of the modern-day bloodlines. In the first generations, the Shimare turned others by simply biting them, but as the Shimaren refined themselves, the potency of their bite was lost.