The Nariuvnen are a species of vampire with the lust for human blood replaced by the lust for Shimari blood.


The Nariuvnen are somewhat similar to the Shimaren in appearance, but instead of the two fangs among normal teeth typical for Shimaren, they possess 4 rows of ultra-sharp fangs on both the top and the bottom of their mouths, with only the front teeth appearing normal. In older Nariuvnen, the canines are nearly twice as long as the other fangs, coming to rest against the bottom teeth. This is due to the fact that their fangs grow in over time, rather than appear during the turning process.

Nariuvnen are created by either: Giving the mixed blood of a Nariuvne and Shimare to a pregnant mother, giving the mother a mixture of Ambri-Qis' blood and Shimari blood, or by having a Nariuvne fully turn a half-breed. In the case of the first two, the child will be born a Nariuvne, with no ill effects to the mother.

Nariuvnen are immune to fire and the sun, and can only be killed by completely draining them of blood, or by using fire poison.

They can drink more than a tiny sip of liquid at a time (unlike the Shimaren), but still cannot eat food.

Nariuvnen retain their sexual urges through maturation or turning, and appear to have a heightened desire compared to mortals.

History (SPOILERS)Edit

The Nariuvnen were created approximately 8,400 years ago by Ambri-Qis, in response to the rising threat of the then-recently created Shimaren. The first Nariuvne was Kaia. A millenium after their inception, Ambri-Qis' worshipers declined, and the Nariuvnen were stripped of their powers. All went on to finish their lives among family and descendants.

A few decades after their decline, Andris was born, and grew up to be Ambri-Qis' avatar.