Half-breeds are those of the mixed blood of humans and Shimare.


Half-breeds are usually created on purpose, although there have been incidents of unwitting Shimaren accidentaly turning their familiars into half-breeds.

Half-breeds are created when a Shimare feeds on a human immediately after the mortal has ingested the blood of the vampire in question. The process for this is not well known, but it can be assumed that removing some of the human's blood after ingestion of parasitic Shimare blood allows the parasite to take root, although not as completely as a full turning.

Very few know of the process involved in making a half-breed, namely the Emperor and the Hanarisar. One seeking to make a half-breed would typically need permission from the Hanarisar or the Emperor. Accidental cases either result in a pardon from the Emperor or execution of the half-breed.


Half-breeds, while having Shimare blood, have most of the disadvantages of being a Shimare and almost none of the benefits. They are vulnerable to sunlight and fire, and are immortal, but do not have the powers associated with true Shimaren. They can, however, eat food and drink more than small sips, as well as maintain magical spells without the necessary sacrifices.

Place in the immortal worldEdit

Half-breeds, while not suited to the rigors of vampire combat, are still highly valued in the Brood Manors (or at least Ivanarke) as servants and guides around the massive complexes. One half-breed, Yoko, is the Master Librarian of Ivanarke, and a skilled magic user.