Darmaren--or crested families--is the Shimari name given to those mortal clans who have gained sorcerous powers from any of the thirteen gate guardians, the members of the Shimari Zodiac. The Ploravero and Lythera clans are two of the known families.

Known Gate GuardiansEdit

Rubeo Corvus is the Raven of Darkness and guardian for the plane of Ombricel, the Realm of Shades. He is the guardian connected to the Ploravero clan.

Raslythe is the Blood Dragon. Plane unknown. Guardian of the Lythera clan and Ivanarke itself.


Qiva Liaqne is the Ice Wolf, guardian of Hiluicel, the Ice Realm.

Mavia Toremit is the Tigress of Lightning, guardian of Vizicel, the Lightning Realm.

Both Qiva and Mavia are guardians of the Toreliaqne hunter clan, with Corik following Mavia and Sylphia following Qiva.



Darmaren, in general, are normal humans. However, some families like the Lythera clan have ties to the Shimaren or other races. It is also suspected that Vimari (hunter) clans with immense skills in sorcery may be connected to the gate guardians.

Emperor Tatsune is a Shimare who was raised within the Lythera clan specifically for the purpose of taking the Shimari throne. Though he has yet to display any sorcerous abilities, the Lythera clan rivals the Ploravero clan in overall power and skill, and vastly outnumbers the Ploraverim.

Lydian Ploravero, though human and unaware of her powers throughout her human life, obtained the family amulets well into her Shimari life and can use these powers in conjunction with those given to her by the blood. Her existence serves as an example of combined abilities, where widely differing power sources are capable of functioning as one without negative side effects.


Darmari sorcerers have no outward appearance that would mark them as such, but these families often have traditional items which house the link to their specific guardian. For the Ploravero clan, Rubeo Corvus gives the clan leaders a crest feather, which is to be housed within a magical amulet. The appearance of the amulets--and any magical item for other clans--is specific to the user and almost always wrought of magic.


It is believed that the Shimari Zodiac's gate guardians predate the Shimaren, and that each guardian has influenced multiple families throughout history. Some clans are older than others, and still more have been lost to time. Only five clans remain in existence.

The Lythera and Ploravero clans are among these, and the Ploravero clan is arguably the most powerful, though Lydian is the only remaining sorceress. When Lydian dies, her powers and the powers of her clan will be reabsorbed into Ombricel, and Rubeo will be able to select a new bloodline to carry his power. Though arguably second in terms of bloodline power, the Lythera clan is much larger and has strong ties with the Shimari Empire.